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AECOM Lighting Design is a specialist consultancy providing a complete range of lighting design and analysis services from masterplanning and concept development through to environmental performance assessment, detailed design and system setup. The team has a wide range of experience including: creative interior and exterior lighting design, urban masterplanning, architectural and building services design, theatrical and special effect lighting and bespoke luminaire design. We have extensive involvement in assessing how the built environment interacts with new structures and lighting design, allowing us to help find adaptive solutions which minimise potential impacts while maintaining design aspiration.

Our capability comprises a highly qualified specialist lighting team, having experience and expertise which includes the design and review of both natural and artificial lighting conditions, how these respond to regulations and standards, good practice guidance, legislation and policy, environmental impact and sustainability. Our projects are varied in size and complexity, from schools and small offices through to mixed use master-planned communities and event spaces. This range of expertise helps us to deliver intelligent cost-effective designs. Our projects are design rich, technically advanced and environmentally responsible. Working with creativity and innovation, we are creating lighting visual solutions that enhance the built environment.

We believe that in addition to the aesthetic aspirations of our clients, sustainability and environmental performance is a core consideration for any project. Throughout our design and analysis work we balance the social, economic and environmental issues, applying the latest technology and best practice design techniques to create truly sustainable, low and zero carbon designs. Our projects include challenging environments and unusual problems. Our award-winning designs draw on emerging technologies and future possibilities to create innovative solutions.

We develop, test and communicate proposals using a combination of: requirement maps, workshop sketching, applied research, technical illustrations, computational prototyping, architectural renders, physical mock-ups and adapted photography. Using these techniques we can explore project aesthetics, technically prove solutions and assess site conditions. We believe that the integration of a holistic lighting strategy into planned developments is essential to ensure a positive visual and environmental impact. We develop strategic lighting solutions for both daytime and night-time performance, achieving optimum lighting conditions by consideration of aesthetics, operational requirements and environmental impact. Our projects are diverse and require a design-lead approach to realise their full potential. Our creative working results in design rich solutions that integrate with and enhance the built environment.