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Hilights has built itself a bright history of research and experimentation, leading its team to where they stand today. a collection of avant-garde projects have led the way for them not only to stand out in the business, but also to take the game to a new level.

many success stories led to the establishment of Hilights in 2002, an accomplished practice, between people who are passionate about the lighting domain and visionaries for the future of this discipline. the style of projects designed is a different story that manifests a unique expression on what Hilights believes is best for an environment. the architect would express his ideas in tangible materials and then it goes through processing through the ethereal of light matter. a new expression that complements the architects’ criteria.

of Hilights’ top concerns, the eco-friendliness and the architectural faithfulness rank first. the team’s investment in the new science of lighting technology guided the way for lighting design to become more a commodity than a luxury. practically, Hilights does not restrict itself to what restrictions may impose, for the team manages to defy the challenges and achieve the best results with the best product available, even if it means product customization.