I.C.O.N. – Akari-Lisa ISHII, France

Pompidou center Metz


English garden – Domain of Chantilly

Lighting design expert based in Paris and Tokyo, specialized in large range of lighting consultation and light art creation from urban lighting master planning, architecture floodlighting, divers interior spaces, lighting event, even to stage lightings.

The principle designer, Akari Lisa Ishii, certificated lighting consultant by IESJ, member of IALD and ACE, leads project management and creation with her artistic inspirations based on international experiences and inter-disciplinal studies on fine arts, architecture, and design, as well as on challenging spirit using new expression of light and its technologies.

Activities expand to presenting articles in many professional magazines in all over the world, and giving cultural & educational lectures internationally about lighting design, art and photography of light.

3 permanent staffs collaborate with Akari Lisa Ishii in Paris office. Each of them is responsible for one of the 3 sectors of the firm: 1 design assistant, 1 communication assistant, and 1 administrative assistant.

Major works: Pompidou Center Metz, Cherbourg Water Tower, Barcelona Granvia Exhibition Center, Ginza Kabuki Theater, “Colosseum Light Messages -Love to Humanity, Love to Earth-“, “Lighting Messages from Japan on the Seine”, “La Psalette” cloister in Tours, Pompelle fort in Reims, Festival of Lights in Lyon, KOMCEE21 university, Toraya Kyoto, St Etienne city center renovation project and others.

Winner of Prix de la conception lumière, trophy Lumiville and numerous IES Illumination Awards.