Tunnel at Farum City Square, Denmark

Tunnel at Farum City Square, Denmark

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Tunnel at Farum City Square

Farum, Denmark

Lighting Design:
ÅF Lighting, Denmark

Furesø Municipality

Main Lighting Suppliers:

Placemaking qualities and a distinct nighttime identity now characterise the tunnel near Farum City Square in Furesø Municipality, Denmark. The lighting is designed with special attention to create a visual experience and an increased sense of safety for passers-by and residents.

The scenographic lighting enhances the architectural features of the tunnel and visually opens up the previously dark slopes, which are staged in a deep blue colour (Congo-blue) intersected by distinct white lines of light. The lines mark the rhythm of the tunnel pillars like luminous shadows.

Ceiling mounted LED markers controlled by motion sensors alternate between orange and green as pedestrians and cyclist pass through the tunnel. The functional lighting in the tunnel area is designed with linear luminaires centrally located on the ceiling. The installation is secured against vandalism using bespoke steel housings.

In order to carry out the project within the proposed budget ÅF Lighting made use of luminaires with fluorescent tubes and colour filters to create the distinct deep blue colour for the slopes. The same type of luminaires are used without colour filters for the even illumination of the walkway area. The characteristic lines of light are created by means of small LED luminaires with lenses that focus the light (Trick by iGuzzini). The colour changing LED markers are mounted onto a customised steel housing, also containing the motion sensor and electrical equipment. Housings are also used to close existing recesses in the ceiling. The interactive lighting is designed with special attention to a low level of maintenance and high liability.

The lighting project has turned an otherwise unsafe and anonymous tunnel into a visual landmark for the area that adds value to the local environment. Now, passers-by and residents can benefit from a functional, yet creative and inspiring lighting installation.