Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, Japan

Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, Japan

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho

Tokyo, Japan

Lighting Design:
Lighting Planners Associates, Japan

Seibu Properties

Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, USA

Landscape Architect:

Interior Design:
Rockwell Group Europe, Spain

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Shonan, Yamada Shomei Lighting, Panasonic

This large-scale, multi-use, redevelopment project in the middle of Tokyo takes advantage of the surrounding water, rich greenery and local history, dating back to the Edo period, to create a nightscape with its own personality. Even though this is a high-rise building, the deep, horizontal overhangs are emphasized to express the elegant design and history of this project. The overhang beneath each architectural louver section is beautifully illuminated for a sophisticated, but unique façade.

Twin towers top the building crown and are softly illuminated with concealed architectural lighting for a unified image. During allotted bands of time, twinkle light adds excitement to the city nightscape. Over the entire site, various layers of light are dramatically folded into the design.

This project has various functions worked into the facility, including office, hotel, shopping mall, residence, and walking paths. A suitable colour-temperature plan is detailed for each function and various lighting methods are proposed according to location. Exterior lighting is split into several areas with timers and lux-level sensors for an energy-friendly system adjusted for seasonal and weatherly changes.

At night, each area is richly differentiated for a charming, mixed–use community.

The entire site is thoroughly glare-free and planned with high-colour rendering light for a calming and comfortable lighting environment.

Landscape lighting is designed to entice visitors to take a walk.

Office lighting colour temperature is the same throughout the building displaying a unified façade.

The architectural overhangs and entrance ceilings are uplit for a welcoming design. Artwork and trees are all illuminated according to a use-based colour temperature.

Across the water cherry blossom trees line the perimeter. RGB spot lights are mounted to illuminate the cherry blossoms with the most suitable shade of lighting, decided on after 3 years of onsite testing. In the summer the tree is a fresh green, changing yellow leaves in the fall, and bare limbs in the winter; The lighting will change according to these seasonal changes to beautifully display the trees year-round.

From the upper floors of the office building, 120m from ground level, a moonlight luminary simulates soft moonlight shining on the plaza below.

The cultural building was saved and restored in the site. After several on-site lighting experiments and adjustments the lighting detail, light sources, and color temperature were decided to create a distinguished appearance of heritage wing.