The Wadden Sea Centre, Denmark

The Wadden Sea Centre, Denmark

PLACES: Best Interior Lighting Scheme – High Budget

The Wadden Sea Centre

Ribe, Denmark

Lighting Design:
Fortheloveoflight, Denmark

The Wadden Sea Centre

Dorthe Mandrup Architects, Denmark

Interior Design:
JAC Studios, Denmark

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Mike Stoane, Xicato, Rebel Light, ERCO, iGuzzini, Buschfeld, Reggiani, SORAA, Ljusdesign, Spektraled

The exhibition of ‘The Wadden Sea Centre’ brings visitors close to the wondrous world of the Wadden Sea and allows the audience to experience the world-class nature of Denmark.

The design of the exhibition shows a relation to the unique nature in the area, which through its biological and ecological diversity is an exceptional natural wonder.

JAC Studios in collaboration with Jason Bruges Studio, No Parking created an exhibition in harmony with the special nature of migratory birds and the design creates a balance between communication and aesthetics that is unique in its field.
The leading characteristic of the Wadden Sea is the breath-taking, infinite landscape with an all-encompassing horizon that creates the illusion of sky and land becoming one.

At first glance, the wildlife is not immediately obvious within the flatness of the Wadden Sea but when you look closer the rich life and ecosystem allows for a perfect environment for nature and organisms.

We translated the reflection and the experience of dissolving horizons into the Birdbeamers with a materiality to match and designed a light rig that appears simple on the outside but is tech-rich beneath the surface. It appears to float in the space and becomes an integral piece of design that inhabits the space rather than cluttering it. To give lightness to the visual expression, we positioned the lights on top looking down like birds perching on higher ground.
The Birdbeamers is designed for the project by Fortheloveoflight and JAC Studios, and produced by Mike Stoane Lighting, UK.

Understanding the complexities of the anatomy of birds requires focus and attention to detail. The lighting for the cabinet of curiosity is integrated into a bespoke spine-rig that references the skeletal system of a bird. The delicate spotlights are high CRI to illuminate interior features such as the hand-painted watercolour paintings by the artist Carl Christian Tofte. The lighting invites you to silently explore and investigate the birds’ anatomy at a closer scale, offering a peaceful environment for concentration and learning.

The elevated world in which birds often inhabit is high in the sky where natural light is in constant change. From moonlight, sunrise and sunset, the birds experience an extensive variety of colours throughout the passage of a day. Within the exhibition, we have worked with carefully selected and tested glass colour filters to reference the natural light and the softness of the sky with focus on pastel colours.

Jason Bruges Studio in collaboration with JAC Studios created an immersive installation that represents the 12 million migratory birds. Digital Ornithology is the last sequence of the exhibition and is comprised of hundreds of LCD screens suspended from the ceiling in a sequence that represents the migration of the birds.

The walls and ceiling of the space are grazed in cool white light to dissolve the boundaries of the space and create a backdrop for the LCD panels as they flicker like birds in the sky. With an amalgamation of projection mapping of live footage and the light-modulating behaviour of the LCD’s, the result is an ephemeral and captivating acquaintance.