Sangha Retreat by Octave, China

Sangha by Octave, China

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Sangha by Octave

Suzhou, China

Lighting Design:
Unolai Lighting Design & Associates, China

Octave, IMC Group

Tsao & McKown, USA; Neri&hu Design and Research Office, China

Interior Design:
Tsao & McKown, USA; Neri&hu Design and Research Office, China

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Kreon, WAC, CK Lighting, Deco, luci, AZ, Philips, DEEN

The landscape gardens of Suzhou are combination of gardens and residences; hence, the forming of this enjoyable, pleasurable, and livable architecture type is a creation that reflects mankind’s attachment for nature and pursuit for the Octave maintained within the nature. The core value to develop this area is not commercially oriented but to establish a wonderland providing relaxation to visitors; to furthermore nourish minds by the means of related courses, cuisines, and other facilities.

To precisely present the texture and rhythm of space, and build a comfortable environment enhancing the balance for mind, body and soul, ULDA found the perfect interpretation for the lighting of this project: composing the melody of lights and shadows for The Project with the rhythm and layering of light.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a lover of nature, “The Pastoral Symphony” was composed upon the feelings he experienced at Heilbad Heiligenstadt. The piece is filled with the subtle and delicate capture of pastoral scenes such as the tranquility of the pastoral region, the babbling streams, raving dances of the farmers, the striking of the storms, and the pastoral region with the restored serenity at the end were all presented vividly with melodies composed by Beethoven.

A wonderland like the refinement Beethoven created in the Pastoral Symphony, where the musical notes were not straightforward used to praise the pastoral scenery, it could not be lit up merely with using lighting appliances, instead, different layers of lighting and the rhythm of light stood out the musical movement alike space layouts.

The commercial plaza is located at the conjunction; ULDA created the lighting environment aligned with the scaling of space and the arrangement of circulations, which is like the rhythm and melody consist of a symphony. The light at the marketplace is various and abundant, however, the light at VILLA area is dimmer, which creates a serene space of low illuminance that relaxes people. Lighting design carries the Pastoral Symphony throughout the entire piece, and with meticulous calculation and distribution, to further establish the changes of lights and shadows in various forms such as dots, lines, and surfaces. The levels of brightness and darkness and the differentiation among layers are displayed as a breathtaking music piece, like a conductor to perform a sonata of lights and shadows with the lights of various angles, colour temperatures and forms, it brings out the texture within the space.

Narrow angle spot light washes the grilles brightly at the architectures in the VILLAGE area, where the plantation at the landscape is brightened with exquisite spot lights, which allows the elegant shadows of trees to stroll on the standing surface of the buildings. Lower scale garden lights are used to illuminate the patched surface at the nodes and turning points of the circulation; one could ride on the lights and shadows to leisurely roam in The Project.

Various layers of lights, the indirect illumination at stairs, spotlights at the landscape trees, wall grazers that brighten the pillars, and the grille spot lights composed together the fragment of melody for this area.

ULDA composes the music of The Project and orchestra the emotions of visitors with light, the spiritual abundance felt in heart while losing oneself here is indeed beyond words could describe.