Belvedere Golf and Country Club, India

Belvedere Golf and Country Club, India

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Belvedere Golf and Country Club

Ahmedabad, India

Lighting Design:
Lux + Design, India


INI Studio, India

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Osram, Endo, LEDS-C4

The Belvedere Golf club and resort is one of the best exotic places for all sports activities and is a luxurious place to relax with friends, family, groups and companions.

It offers fitness gym facilities, a swimming pool and salon. It is a hot spot destination as a place to party, for social gatherings, connecting with the breath taking sceneries and encourages a relationship with nature.

The main challenges, as lighting designers we had, was to cater for a glorious landscape whilst enhancing it with lighting. Within every different zone we had to choose a different type of lighting strategy to create a wonderful experience for all generations of visitors. We wanted to convey a feeling of “ATITHI DEVO BHAV”; a local translation meaning visitors should be treated like God.

The entrance gate created a fascinating scene, which integrated light with landscape to thus convert the place into a splendid transit zone for visitor.

At the pool zone we used a motif for lighting that was relaxing, to allow visitors to delight and enjoy with family, children and friends. The lighting is carefully accustomed to the landscape concept and offers a high-quality visitor experience.

Guests and visitors are spending most of their times in front of the pool and at the island, lying on the sunbeds and enjoying the incredible view.

To highlight some crucial areas such as the pool deck and deck side façade, we have applied a bluer shade LED lighting at the island and inside pool, which creates a water-like reflection and gives a bluer wash illumination on the deck side façade and pool side deck which resulted in a mesmerizing view for visitor.

As a whole in the Club we applied various lighting design concepts to be integrated with the architecture and create a masterpiece.