Slim Light Pro – TM Lighting

Slim Light Pro – TM Lighting

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Slim Light Pro

TM Lighting

Andrew Molyneux, Harry Triggs, and Tom Lorton

TM Slim Light Pro is the next generation in superior LED picture lighting. Previously, there was a compromise between scale and performance. Clients and interior designers often choose a minimal aesthetic over performance. Now, they can have both.

Until recently, the picture light had an old-fashioned reputation as expensive, often over-sized, inelegant and largely ineffective, detracting from the beauty of the artwork it is intended to enhance, and the decoration of a room.

Popular with interior designers, and the aspirational, aesthetically-led client for its practical, flexible with a chic, elegant design, the TM Slim Light Pro presents the ideal solution for displaying contemporary artwork and photography collections in stylish interior schemes. Ensuring that the artwork remains the focus within the space, the chic design adds an element of style to a room’s décor.

The TM Slim Light Pro is available in a variety of on-trend warm metallic finishes such as antique bronze plated, polished brass, or a sleek high-shine black anodised. It is also available in custom finishes that can be expertly colour-matched to the frame, or wall paint colour to create a subtle, seamless look.

TM Lighting developed the Slim Light Pro in 2016 to deliver museum-grade art lighting for the home. Housed in a sleek and elegant minimalist design, this discreet product is powerful enough to light large scale works of art with TM’s high colour rendition LEDs. TM Lighting products illuminate artworks to their full potential with significant energy and cost-saving advantages, whilst conserving the artwork from potential damage caused by traditional sources of light and heat.

The minimal 19mm diameter body is complemented by excellent glare-control and light distribution across the canvas, meaning for small artworks at home it offers the utmost flexibility to present an art collection with minimal visual intrusion. The modular design is suitable for artworks from 200-2000mm width, and can illuminate canvases up to 2500mm in height.

British design and manufactured, the TM Slim Light Pro heralds a reinvention of an out-dated product with new LED technology, proving high-grade lighting accessible to anyone with a love of art; from homeowners with one treasured piece, to those with substantial art collections built up over generations.

The TM Slim Light Pro offers unrivalled performance:

• A contemporary sleek and minimal aesthetic

• No picture light of its size can light tall 2m+ canvases evenly.

• High Colour Rendition 96Ra

• Colour Temperature carefully selected to balance warmth and neutral colour required to let the artwork exhibit its true colour

• Colour Consistency – Carefully selected bins

• Availably in a variety of metallic finishes

• Energy and efficiency: 100 picture lights saves £4000pa including maintenance schedule

• No UV, Infrared or forward Heat