The Terrace @ Rosewood, UK

The Terrace @ Rosewood, UK

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – Low Budget

The Terrace @ Rosewood London

London, UK

Lighting Design:
Foundry Light + Design, UK

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Luciano Giubbilei Design, UK

Additional Design:
Benchmark Furniture, UK
Nathalie de Level Design, UK

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Mike Stoane Lighting, Universal Fibre Optics, Lumino Lighting, Mode Lighting

Foundry were briefed by Luciano Giubbilei Design to develop an intimate, discreet, yet dramatic lighting scheme for the space. The design re-enforces the aspiration to provide a luxurious night-time environment that entices people to use the space after dark, whilst minimising the visual impact of lighting equipment.

The majority of the lighting is subtly integrated into an elegant stainless steel structure. Made from a solid 50x50mm profile and completely pre-fabricated off-site, the cabling routes, fixing details and the physical dimensions of the fittings all had to be precisely detailed before the completed structure was delivered to site for assembly. Foundry worked closely with Benchmark Furniture in the design and development of this structure, particularly on the inclusion of a custom trunking for cable routing. We followed this with the development of special mounting brackets that clip into the trunking. These brackets enable the high level lighting to be attached to the structure, designed to highlight the retractable awning and -once matured- the tree canopy.

Two bespoke fittings were also designed specifically for the project. First, a luminaire was needed to accentuate the structure and to highlight the tables. The idea was that this fitting would blend into its surroundings so seamlessly that it would appear to be an extension of the structure itself. This was achieved by producing the fitting to the same 50mm x 50mm dimensions as the profile and powder coating it to match. A brass liner provides extra warmth and a touch of added luxury. To create individual pools of light on the tables, a 1w Cree chip and 8-degree optics provide the necessary tight beam and quality of light.

Secondly, the lighting design concept called for a decorative luminaire integrated within the structure. This fitting is designed to replicate the effect of candlelight but with a contemporary twist. As with the first, it features a brass liner to contribute to a luxurious feel.

The whole scheme is flexibly operated through a Mode lighting control system, which includes a rain sensor hidden at high level to automatically close the canopy when activated.