RIVO Forty – TM Lighting

RIVO Forty – TM Lighting

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RIVO Forty

TM Lighting

Tom Lorton, Harry Triggs, Andrew Molyneux

Launched in May 2017, TM Lighting’s new RIVO Forty is the latest addition to the TM Lighting’s range of contemporary accent lights, offering the high-performance of TM’s LED technology, within a distinctive retro-classic style for the discerning, design-led client.

Suitable for a range of interiors from listed heritage through to luxury hotel and retail environments with classical detailing, the RIVO Forty is the ideal museum-grade lighting solution for the aspirational home owner. Housed in a discreet miniaturised design, this accent light sits comfortably alongside a Louis XIII dresser, whilst perfectly lighting a significant contemporary, or classic art collection in full glory, with 96+ CRI.

Appealing to interior designers, art collectors, and luxury commercial developments, the range of warm antique metallic finishes of the RIVO range offers a ‘heritage’ or ‘vintage’ aesthetic for clients requiring modern day LED lighting to work sensitively within interiors such as antique wooden beams, and above classical or mid-century furniture. RIVO Forty’s fine crosshatch engraved detailing provides the appearance of traditional artisan craftsmanship with all the power and functionality of a miniature gallery standard spotlight.

TM’s RIVO Forty meets all the current legislation requirements of modern lighting installations, with low-energy usage, dimming compatibility, no UV and low-heat output for lighting onto sensitive artworks and furniture, essential requirements for any significant collection. Using technology developed for museum-grade lighting applications, TM Lighting’s RIVO Forty provides vibrant colour within works of art, and tones in woodgrains and textures within interior settings.

Product features and performance provided by the ‘TM RIVO Forty’
• A miniaturised classical styled spotlight with state-of-the-art high-CRI LED performance from TM’s contemporary range product lines.
• Available in a range of classic patinated metallic finishes including; antique bronze, antique brass
• Traditional hand crafted artisan detailing and finishes reproduced using lightweight, high-specification machined aluminium.
• Full range of interchangeable accessories including; softening lens, linear spread lens, honeycomb and colour warming filters to achieve a range from 2300K – 3000K.
• Supplied as standard with removable ‘half cowl’ glare shield in a range of metallic finishes for localised light washes and visual comfort.
• Ideal for private residential fit-outs or refurbishments, historic houses, restaurants, bars or retail requiring strong aesthetics.

LED light quality and technical points:
• High Colour Rendition full spectrum 96Ra
• Colour Temperature carefully selected to balance warmth and neutral colour required to present artwork in its true colour
• Colour Consistency – Consistent colour selection
• No UV, Infrared or forward heat projection
• 300 Lumens at 4 Watts.