Restaurant Nosso, Brazil

Restaurant Nosso, Brazil

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Restaurant Nosso

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lighting Design:
LD Studio, Brazil

Rodrigo Vasconcelos

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Lightsource, Lemca, Bellaluce, Utiluz, Vip, Andratti

“Nosso” means “Ours” in Portuguese, and we have treated this as our inspiring idea of inclusive gathering, where you can have exquisite drinks and food.

The main idea of the owner was to build a democratic place where you may feel welcome, like in an artsy home.

Inspired by this input and some key words on our brainstorm discussion, such as: Ours, informal, collective, artsy, home feeling, comfort, flexibility, surprise, we came up with a lighting repertoire which interprets and build those moods through the space.

The combination of developing special decorative fixtures, attention on the lighting of the vertical surfaces, special care on the treatment of the balcony of the Bar, highlighting the millwork, whilst adding some sort of “stage lighting” to the Barman`s action. The addition of coloured lighting was the key point of this vertical surfaces and a sutil interpretation of a developed special LED as a “candle” were key to build the desired atmosphere.

A quite unique aspect for us as a team, were a real collective working process. The client was involved in all design process; our entire team was involved in the concept phase and the final tuning as well, so this really makes it “Ours” “Nosso”.