Relighting Heritage Moscow, Russia

Relighting Heritage Moscow, Russia

EVENT: Best Creative Lighting Event

Relighting Heritage Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Moscow Architectural School MARCH

Main Partners:
Roberto Corradini
Natalia Markevich

Relighting Heritage workshop on lighting design took place in Moscow at Artplay Design Center on June 29 – July 2 2017. The educational project was established by the MARCH Architecture School together with Roberto Corradini, an Italian lighting designer. The main idea of the project was to teach students how to feel the light and demonstrate its impact on the environment. We invited to this workshop both practicing lighting designers and everyone interested in using light in shaping the human environment: architects, designers of interiors and exhibition spaces, stage designers, lighting specialists, manufacturers and suppliers of lighting equipment. Participants of the workshop went all the way from inventing a concept of lighting a city space to the implementation of their project under the leadership of Roberto Corradini, one of the leading lighting designers in Italy, and his Russian colleagues Natalia Markevich and Artem Masorin, lighting designers and teachers of Lighting Design course of the MARCH School. The workshop lasted 4 days.

The workshop’s partner was the Russian company IntiLED.

The former territory of the Pluton plant, now home to Artplay art cluster, was chosen as the site for the project. The territory of the plant was restricted to the public for a long time, and has therefore started to look somewhat abandoned, but it has retained all the architectural stages of construction and development of the plant since the 18th century. The workshop Relighting Heritage was one of the first events held on this territory after it was opened to the public. The inner courtyard of the plant still preserved the imprints of a past, and this the light installations acquired a special meaning, and the territory acquired a unique atmosphere.