Puerto Vallarta Master Plan, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Master Plan, Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta Master Plan

Jalisco, México

Lighting Design:
EGEA – Citelum, Mexico

Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works of Puerto Vallarta

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Philips – Colour Kinetics, Erco


The lighting design and development of the Master Plan for the “Puerto Vallarta Promenade” arose as a need to improve and optimize this urban space, based on a lighting strategy that enhances the architectural elements of the site while adding to the nighttime natural landscape, encouraging pedestrians to walk the entire promenade and stop by landmarks such as: La Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalaupe (The Parish Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe) and El Templo del Refugio (Church of Our Lade of Refuge).

The conceptual development of the project considered a range of factors that included the integration, preservation, implementation, safety, and assimilation of the project, as well as the technical and artistic challenges of creating an experience that would appeal to both tourists and Puerto Vallarta residents.

The requirements of the project included creating a lighting design that would fit the context, respect and preserve the natural surroundings, feature appropriate levels of light to ensure both visual comfort and public safety, make use of the most efficient technologies, among others.

To achieve this, we designed a world-class lighting system that addressed citizens’ needs and demands. This led to the establishment of our primary objective: to create a new image for the area by using light as an element to trigger activities that characterize the downtown area of the city.

From the beginning, the project was divided into two scenarios:

– Public Lighting: the renovation of the street poles with Micenas LED; this included wiring, channeling and taking down street poles and lights in a way that preserved the architectural details and made the intervention imperceptible.

– Scenic Lighting: with LED strips and projectors featuring a color change system that lights the walkway next to the beach and extends all the way to the promenade’s signature sail-shaped awnings. These can be programmed individually, adjusting tones and light levels according to the time of day and in a way that avoids harm to the local fauna. For example, in the turtle season, luminaires can be dimmed or programmed to project warm colors that do not disorient the turtles.

Moreover, the following technical guidelines were included:

– All luminaires were installed to avoid any risk to visitors caused by the humidity of the natural environment.
– The color of the scenic lighting can be changed to match specific cultural events, meaning the walkway and the monuments can take on different colors depending on the date and the event, thanks to a state-of-the-art control system.

The design of this Master Plan has reinforced the appeal of the heart of Puerto Vallarta, and improved the level of public safety. The response to the plan has been, so far, quite positive: downtown nightlife and tourism have revived, as shown by the average of over 3.7 million visitors. The coordination of strategies and proposals has ensured a harmonic balance between architecture, people and nature, earning this city a place among the world’s premiere tourist destinations.