Perfect Sunsets, Chile

Perfect Sunsets, Chile

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Perfect Sunsets

Santiago, Chile

Lighting Design:
DIAV, Chile

Galería Gabriela Mistral

María José Ramos, Chile

Interior Design:
Macarena Ruiz Tagle, Chile

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Color Kinetics


Perfect Sunsets is a Lighting Art Installation that explores colour and skies colours in different latitudes and evokes with artificial light the emotional introspection of the contemplation of natural lighting changes over the horizon during sunsets.

The sky is the inspiration, heritage and reference to recreate the colours sequences, timing, hue, and intensities to recall the emotions and memories connected to the contemplation of the lighting changes that happens over the horizon when the day becomes night or vice versa.

The horizon line is the protagonist of the festival of colours display during sunsets, the sky the protagonist, in constant change, there is not a single moment equal to another, lighting mixes and intensities change every day over the same horizon and also in different latitudes.

Colours change from north to south and change duration in every kilometre.

In the visual and emotional memory of travel hundreds of sunrises and sunrises are gathered, moments of contemplation that connect us with the spectacle of nature, peace, silence and the beauty of introspection. The fast sunsets of tropical latitudes, the calm and diagonal sunset of the polar latitudes, the exotic polar palette of the auroras, the clean farewells of the sun in the desert, blue, violet and orange. The red clouds of the south or the mist of the polluted cities. With saturated or modest colours, it is never the same, no time equal to another.

This work reconstitutes the light and the emotional memory of the colours displayed by nature on the horizon line.

The interface of the celestial vault, recreated on two surfaces that do not touch, the base plane of the horizon and the concave plane that receives the colour sequences.

Dynamic lighting involves the design of sequences that rotate imperceptibly during seven minutes. Three different line clusters of RGB LEDs with a different sequence are hidden in details of the joints between curved white panels, projecting flush light in some cases and frontal in others, to generate different scenes of skies, sequences and colours.

The dimensions of the work is 8.5-metres long, 2.2-metres depth and 3-metres high and is display diagonally in the main room of the Gallery, there is a frontal space for contemplation which has big cushions for the people to stay and relax.

During the exhibition period a light and colour workshop was held for children from seven to nine years old, by the “Mediation Team of the Gallery” team. This is of our special interest as we will gather the experience to deepen the bond of light and emotions.

The project may help to answer some questions: How to talk about lighting colour and culture? What aspects about the colour of light are recognisable in different places, seasons of the year and in every subtle change in nature? Is it linked to emotions or moods? What does the colour of light have to do with our identity? We are interested in perception, how do we actually see? What do eyes see? Their capacities and limitations; When we see lighting colour, what do we see? Are there emotions, memories or projections? What happens when we lose ourselves in contemplation?