Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel, Australia

Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel, Australia

PLACES: Best Interior Lighting Scheme – Low Budget

Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel

Sydney, Australia

Lighting Design:
Medland Metropolis, Australia

Ovolo Hotel

Hassell, Australia

Interior Design:
Hassell, Australia

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Nocturnal Lighting, IBL, Volker Haug, Le Lampe Gras, Fred International

Every project, every building has a different soul. I believe the aim of the lighting is to research for it and enhance the “Genius Loci” of a place. In this instance, the building, is an iconic heritage structure for the City of Sydney and the lighting was perceived, in the past, as oppressive and unable to enhance the beauty and the nature of the place. A new client purchased the Hotel. Hassell was in charge of the interior design and Meldand Metropolis was in charge of the Lighting and all other services.

The Brief from the client was to create a versatile environment with the lighting as a key element for the re-branding.

The area submitted is a public space, accessible by guests of the hotel and by occasional visitors of the lounge area. Lighting works together with the new interior design in order to create a tailored dress, which will suit the new eclectic soul of the heritage building. Lighting similar to soft rain, adheres to the surfaces, creating a light curtain which welcomes visitors at the entrance. Lighting as an holistic element, which differentiates areas, faithful to the overall soul of the place.

LED filament bulbs recreate a vintage feeling, taking advantage of the environmentally friendly and energy saving LED technology. The lighting design was an ongoing creative discussion which helped in overcome unexpected obstacles and in reinforcing the vision the architects had in mind for this project.

The budget and the heritage nature of the building required peculiar attention. Budget was below AUD $60,000, which in current rates is below UK £30,000. The original design of real trees with festoon lights was replaced with artificial trees with light, due to a Client request, budget issues and concerns on the life time of the tress in an indoor environment. Some of the existing fittings have been reused and upgraded with LED technology (i.e.chandeliers with round bulbs).

Other challenges were the procurement of the fittings and satisfying the heritage requirements in order to get the approval from the City of Sydney Council. From Design to Post Construction we spent almost two years on this project. Challenging, fun, overwhelming at some stages, but seeing the satisfaction of the Client at the launch was priceless.

Lighting Design by Raffaele De Vita