Nova Lumina, Canada

Nova Lumina, Canada

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Nova Lumina

Quebec, Canada

Lighting Design:
Moment Factory, Canada

Corporation de développement économique (CDE) du territoire du Rocher-Percé

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Custom LED fixtures designed by Moment Factory, Christie Digital, Panasonic


Our goal was to create a new, innovative tourist attraction in the Gaspésie region, the Economic Development Association of Rocher-Percé commissioned us to create a new Lumina for the town of Chandler.

Moment Factory’s Lumina projects are unique illuminated night walk experiences that aim to bring people together in a new format of outdoor immersive experience. Along an enchanted trail of 1.5km, visitors explore the light saturated forest using a custom connected object in search of scintillating fallen stars. Encountering playful surprises at every turn, they find and collect stars to launch into the sky during the closing sequences of the experience.

This project was born out of a desire to create a new type of light-based placemaking attraction in famously beautiful landscape of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula. Local stakeholders wanted to attract new visitorship to breathe new economic and cultural life into the local economy. An equally important goal was to create something that locals will enjoy just as much as tourists.

Respectful and seamless integration of lighting and multimedia equipment into the natural environment was therefore of paramount importance. The site was carefully surveyed and assessed to make sure to adapt the media features and technologies to achieve the lowest possible impact on the local ecosystem.

The creative process for Nova Lumina involved close strategic collaboration with many project stakeholders. After an intense research and story ideation phase, the creative and design team began to ideate and prototype an extensive range of potential multimedia and interactive light art zones. Gradually, the experience came together as the story, content production, interactive prototypes and music converged into a cohesive Lumina experience.

Over many months a large team of lighting, visual and sound designers, animators and programmers worked hard to design and refine the interactive and pre-rendered audiovisual content. Many weeks of on-site integration and testing followed, and finally Nova Lumina was brought to life in mid-July of 2016.