Niagara Falls, USA/Canada

Niagara Falls, USA/Canada

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, USA/Canada

Lighting Design:
Salex, Canada

Niagara Parks Commission

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Stanley Electric

Powered by the optical technology used in automotive headlights, Stanley Electric’s super narrow LED module has been adopted to illuminate the world famous landmark Niagara Falls.

Stanley Electric’s ultra-narrow beam LED modules will be located on the border of the United States (State of New York), and Canada (Province of Ontario) to illuminate the famous attraction.

Up to now, the Niagara Parks Commission has been using the xenon short arc bulb to illuminate the Niagara Falls since 1997. The deterioration of the equipment led to public invitations for renewal of the entire fixture in 2014. Following this, Stanley partnered with the Canadian lighting agency Salex and Three other specialty companies, resulting in the project being adopted in March 2016. The light source was placed about 600-meters away from the landmark.

Stanley’s ultra-narrow beam LED projectors were able to clear the needed specification by utilizing the advanced optical design cultivated from automotive headlights and high quality optical lens technology.

Additionally, given Stanley Electric’s track record in producing automotive headlights, the modules were able to meet the challenging specifications to withstand the harsh winter environment that the City of Niagara goes through.

Power consumption was also a vital part in the renewal of the lighting of the Falls. The current xenon short arc bulbs used about 4kW, totalling about 126kW. By switching to LED, the power consumption was reduced to 54kW, effectively reducing the number by about 60%.

The diversity in colour will be another benefit that these modules will bring to Niagara Falls. The current fixtures are only able to use four colour filters to mix, but the new LED projector will be able to express over 16.77 million colours by mixing and dimming of four colours. According to the Niagara Parks Commission estimated calculation, the instalments will be operative for about 20 years.

Stanley Electric’s ultra-narrow beam LED modules that are being used for the Niagara Falls project are scheduled to be available for sale during April 2017.