Morar – Design LED Products

Morar – Design LED Products

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Inspired by the strong Scottish heritage, Design LED Products has named all its backlighting products after our beautiful Scottish lochs. Our Morar tile is suitably named after Scotland’s deepest loch, which is famed for its fabulous blue water and white sandy beaches. It’s a cost and performance optimised backlighting solution for outdoor and indoor use and can be used to create unique and fully flexible backlighting displays for retail, advertising, and architectural lighting applications.

Application efficient, uniform backlighting
With our integrated optics technology, we have achieved a compact light output solution for large-scale homogeneous backlighting with reduced running costs and power consumption.

Waterproof protection
Your lighting installations are protected against ingress of dust and moisture for the more demanding of interior and exterior backlighting applications.

Flexible & ultra-thin profile
Thanks to the exceptional thin and flexible profile, Morar can easily be integrated into a building’s environment, making it a virtually hidden light source.

Modular design
Modular form factor, multi-cutting options and plug and play connections ensure simple, quick installation. Morar enhances the visual impact of both discreetly integrated lighting and large-scale illumination.

A key mantra for the Design LED team is ‘Don’t compromise we can customise!’ That customisation starts with a clear understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. Maybe it’s a specific shape, colour or optical configuration you need – if so, we can help.