McLaren F1 2018 Launch, UK

McLaren F1 2018 Launch, UK

EVENT: Best Creative Lighting Event

McLaren F1 2018 Launch

McLaren Technology Centre, UK


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Michael Grubb Studio was given the opportunity to work on the Launch of the McLaren MCL33 car for the 2018 Formula 1 season.
Michael Grubb Studio were contacted by WING to realise an initial marketing concept for the #bebrave content campaign, with the reveal forming a promotional video released on the eve of the Formula 1 Season.
With filming taking place over one evening at McLaren Technology Centre, a considerable amount of preparation and detail went in to ensuring a successful production. This consisted of CAD modelling, prototyping, testing materials and conversations with Michael Grubb Studio’s working partners, WING and McLaren.
The studio’s design concept was based on a triangular structure that sat on a geometrical mirrored surface. The construction of the framework was sub-consulted to LSE Lighting with additional lighting equipment provided by Lamps and Amps. Under the desingers’ supervision, every angle had to be tested to ensure no flicker to the camera or potential glare from the mirrored floor.
For the project, designers developed a special bespoke programming arrangement, which allowed us to activate a range of complex lighting sequences. This allowed total flexibility to alter sequences during the filming.
The #bebrave Ad campaign achieved more than 10 million views within a matter of days, making it the most successful launch of the 2018 F1 season.