Luci in Riviera 2017, Italy

luccicandoinsieme Lighting Workshop

EVENT: Best Creative Lighting Event

luccicandoinsieme Lighting Workshop

Venice, Italy

APS Luci In Riviera

Main Partners:
Andrea Hartranft, Marco Palandella, Giacomo Rossi, Zhang Lin

Main Sponsors:
Arcluce, ARES, Armel, Barthelme, BLV Lichtund, Vakuumtechnik, BOT lighting, DTS illuminazione, EAE Italia, Feilo Sylvania, GLIP, IntiLED, Kimoto, La Triveneta Cavi, Linea Light Group, Reggiani, Rosco Laboratories, Schréder, Spotlight, Thorn ZG Group, Xicato, Vimar, Zampieri elettroforniture


The aim of Luci in Riviera’s workshop is to recount with light the suggestions evoked by the cultural heritage of the Riviera del Brenta, the waterway that unites Padua and Venice.

Dolo is a small city but very rich in history, an urban jewel that brings the memory back to the past splendor of the Venetian nobility when the beauty of its views was portrayed by famous painters such as Bellotto, Canaletto and Guardi.

The workshop represents, for passionate students and young professionals, the best opportunity for experimentation and for the workshop heads the unique possibility to practically connect the theoretical concepts to a real-scale project.

In order to offer to the participants a high quality educational event, we organizers have selected four professional lighting designers with international academic experience as workshop heads:

• Andrea Hartranft/IALD (USA)
• Giacomo Rossi/APIL (Italy)
• Marco Palandella/APIL (Italy)
• Zhang Lin (China)

Six days of workshops are hard work, both from an intellectual and a physical point of view. Seventeen participants from three continents (specifically from Italy, Russia, Iran, China and Chile) with different education and expertise (university students, young architects, light designers and lighting consultants, but also event designers) visited Dolo and did the survey in the project sites.

Each installation has been realized taking into account human perception first, following the principle that good lighting does not mean use too much light, nor glare people. Creativity, ideas and attention to details reveal concepts that tell a story whose words are light and colour.

Small temporary “connecting” installations have also been created in order to make immediately recognizable the path of the main installations.

Promoting the profession of lighting designer in Italy, supporting it and contributing to its recognition is a moral imperative.