L’Ôtel Dôce 18, Mexico

L’Ôtel Dôce 18, Mexico

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L’Ôtel Dôce 18

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Lighting Design:
Diseño en Iluminación Arquitectónica, Mexico

Roy Azar Architects

Roy Azar Hasoune, Mexico

Interior Design:
Roy Azar Hasoune, Mexico

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Lamp, Simes, Osram, Ilumileds, Ventor International

The restoration and reprograming of L´Ôtel Limited Edition Experiences’ former brass foundry and historical site, known formerly as Casa Cohen, leaves the main floor for commercial and retail spaces gathering gastronomic trends, design, art, fashion while the upper floor serves as a upscale hotel.

Two patios allow the ingress of natural light to both levels, also connecting visually public areas and private access, and exclusive areas from the hotel on the top.

The lighting design aimed to create a warm glow of light in all private space. Bringing luxurious rooms mostly white and soft fabrics, integrating the warmth of light into a seamless rich experience of textures and décor. The architectural lighting design aimed to integrate ambient light, concealed and soft decorative illumination in private areas. Also allowing a dynamic visual reference of exterior circulations via colour changing linear light sources on light coves that help visitors to flow through public spaces into private creating a contrast.

All architectural light sources are warm white dimmable LEDs.