Light Asia Bangkok 2017, Thailand

Light Asia Bangkok 2017, Thailand

EVENT: Best Creative Lighting Event

Light Asia Bangkok 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

Chulalongkorn University, Wat Pathumwanaram, Light Asia

Main Partners:
Miki Matsushita, Pietro Palladino, Dan Foreman, Anthony Linard,
Pornpimon Piumpongsuk, Puay Silapanon

Main Sponsors:
KKDC (Thailand), L&E

“Light Asia 2017: Bangkok” was a lighting design workshop sponsored and co-organized by a non-profit organization from South Korea, “Light Asia”, together with the faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, and leading international and domestic lighting manufacturers namely KKDC (Thailand) and L&E.

The main objective of the workshop was to initiate knowledge exchange between university students and international architectural lighting designers. The heritage Buddhist monastery established under royal patronage of King Mongkut in 1850, “Wat Pathumwanaram”, was selected as a workshop site because of its historical importance and the uniqueness of Thai traditional architecture.

The project started with the “International Lighting Design Symposium” at the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Throughout the session, the honored guest speakers; Miki Matsushita, Pietro Palladino and Dan foreman were sharing their knowledge and valuable lessons as well as working experience to the audiences. The event was a great success and attended by over 70 individuals including students, lecturers and professional lighting designers.

Throughout the 3-day period of the workshop at the site, architectural lighting design process was shared and learned among lighting designers and participants. The participants, including 40 undergraduate students, 4 graduate students and 6 research assistants were divided into 6 groups, leaded by 6 lighting designers including Miki Matsushita, Pietro Palladino, Dan Foreman, Anthony Linard, Pornpimon Piumpongsuk and Puay Silapanon. Each group was assigned to design the lighting installations for different buildings in the monastic area. Also, the other 14 graduate students practiced their lighting design studio course using doorways of the monastery to complete the lighting design in the same area. The installation mock-up test on site and lighting equipment were fully-supported by electricians and professionals from KKCD (Thailand) and L&E.

The participants were appreciated the workshop as they learned the whole process from since the very beginning to the actual installation. The final lighting installations were exhibited for a week and successfully attracted a number of spectators from the public. This showed a great success in enhancing the importance and contribution of architectural lighting design to the society, as well as promoting the recognition of the value of Thai traditional architecture in the modern world.