Kronach In Lights, Germany

Kronach In Lights, Germany

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Kronach In Lights

Kronach, Germany

Kronach Creativ

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Kronach Creativ

The secret of the event, Kronach In Lights, lies in its unique atmosphere. The lighting festival amazes its visitors with a well-balanced mixture of feeling at ease, discovering and being amazed by the mystically shining light-artworks that put a spell on every visitor. The architectural lighting of historic buildings allows to shed a new light on their fascinating details, often unnoticed until then. Colourful mappings transform facades into hypnotizing, thrilling plays of light. This and more is what fascinates the visitors of the 10-day festival every year around the 1st of May in the Franconian town Kronach with its 1000-year-old history. In 2018 the unique artwork attracted more than 140.000 visitors – more than ever before.

The success of Kronach In Lights lies in several factors that are smartly combined in its concept: A beautiful and mainly original old town, the accumulated knowledge considering light and high-quality illumination, internationally accepted light-artworks as well as a diversified entertainment program of live music and culinary catering. It is this well-chosen mix that allows us to offer every visitor something that fits his or her taste.

One of the most remarkable features of the festival is that Kronach In Lights is generally set up by volunteers, it is a lighting festival “from citizens for citizens”, financed only by donations and sponsors’ funds. Therefore we are so proud of the result: The lighting event, which started as a regional project, has managed to gain worldwide reputation. The international network of cooperation ranges from Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Egypt to Greece and China. Each year, students from all over the world, come together to join in workshops held by renowned lecturers. They take on knowledge that they directly test in practical work and enjoy presenting the results to a large and interested audience.

In 2018 Kronach In Lights surprised with many superlatives: the 2,5 km long light-boulevard included over 90 light-sights which started in the historical part of Kronach and led up to the illuminated fortress “Festung Rosenberg”, the town’s landmark and biggest building complex recognizable from afar. In the town’s cathedral more than 20.000 LEDs were used to create a starry sky – as many as never before in a single artwork. The light labyrinth installed in the moat constituted with its size of 15 x 20 m the festival’s biggest self-luminous point of light. With Ben Patterson’s “When Elephants Fight, It Is The Frogs That Suffer” an artwork could be displayed which was previously exhibited at the “documenta” in Athens and Kassel. Through some participate-projects as many citizens as never before were included in the festival.

The visitors loved the special flair of the festival! This conclusion was also drawn in a survey conducted for a thesis titled “Lights move Kronach”: the visitors enjoyed the atmosphere, they marveled at the versatile catering and they looked forward to everything that was to be discovered. “Surprise me again!” is the request for Kronach In Lights … and this is exactly what happens year after year.