Interlaced, Canada

Interlaced, Canada

ART: Best Light Art Scheme – Low Budget


Quebec, Canada

Lighting Design:
Lightspace, Netherlands


This installation was built for the Textile Triennial in Quebec at the Contemporary Art Centre Axeneo7. The gallery space was filled with an intricate web of blue phosphorescent threads mounted every two centimeters. A light program ignited the threads and gradually changed color from turquoise to dark blue. UV black light charged the phosphorescent pigment in the threads. After 3 minutes all lights were extinguished leaving only the afterglow of the blue phosphorescence. The threads appeared as ghostly veils floating in an infinite space. As the spectators moved from left to right the pattern of the image transformed making the threads visually melt together from different angles. The work had a great disorienting effect where you could no longer define the depth of the space. It was experienced as looking into a different dimension.

The installation took two weeks to build with the help of many voluntary assistants. The length of the exhibition was 3 months.