Inmaculada Concepción Church, Spain

Inmaculada Concepción Church, Spain

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Inmaculada Conceptción Church

Melilla, Spain

Lighting Design:
DCI Diseño y Consultoría de Iluminación, Spain

Diocesis de Malaga

Chacel 8 Architecture, Spain

Architectural Technologist:
Alberto Maldonado, Spain

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Reggiani, Ilumarte, Lluria, Astro Lighting, Lucide

Jesús Granada, Spain


“The restore is to discover and be able to tell the story.”

Understanding restoration as a process of searching for vestiges and moments of serendipity, for anecdotes and experiences which have been lived, inhabiting the skin of the archaeologist, playing at being the craftsman in order to archive a balance between times past to present. That is our role. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque conversing with the present in mutual respect to create a temporary discourse.

Light: The condiment which floods space with magic, able to relate the vestiges of history, transport us to another era, and even transform the visitors’ vision when daylight disappears.