Greenwich Market, UK

Greenwich Market, UK

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Greenwich Market

London, UK

Lighting Design:
Hoare Lea Lighting, UK

Greenwich Hospital

Barr Gazetas, UK

Main Lighting Suppliers:
ACDC, Bega, Erco, KKDC, LEDLinear, LightGraphix, Reggiani

One of London’s best covered markets, Greenwich Market boasts up to 120 stalls, surrounded by independent and boutique shops.

Established as a food market in the 1800s, it opened as a crafts market in 1985. However, after years of wear-and-tear it was felt by many retailers and traders that it needed revitalising and extending in order to thrive.

The brief was to devise a lighting scheme that would improve facilities and help to reinstate the Market’s place within Greenwich by improving the public realm. The desire was to create a contemporary design, while respecting the Market’s history and place within the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage site.

Encompassing the Market, the adjacent Fry’s Court redevelopment, and the historic alleyway approaches, the scheme provides a flexible, integrated solution and an elegant visual backdrop with high-quality, unobtrusive task lighting that meets the needs of visitors and traders.

The main portico entrance has been transformed into a dramatic up-lit experience, with low-glare shielded recessed uplights highlighting the columns and creating a bright soffit.

Secondary entrances at Durnford Street, Turnpin Lane and Nelson Road possess significant historic value. To preserve their character and minimise impact to the fabric, these spaces have been subtly re-lit with uncluttered catenary lighting. This has low visual impact during the day, while providing excellent performance at night. Additional uplights and sign wash-lighting at entrances add emphasis.

Within the Market, a new roof increases daylight, while architectural spotlights provide a warm ambient wash and a narrow beam visual punch, which brings out the texture of the cobbled floor. Columns are highlighted with pools of light gathering at the bases. The soffit is washed with a linear luminaire concealed within the architectural detail; this provides a warm, uplifting backdrop.

The redevelopment of Fry’s Court to create a public space included new landscaping with integrated lighting to coping and benches. Floor washers recessed into planters create a low-glare backdrop and allow for wayfinding around the steps. Wall lights provide additional background and ambient lighting to the adjacent Durnford Street entrance thoroughfare; these are complemented by in-floor marker lights and wallwashers.

The centrepiece to Fry’s Court is the curved stainless steel pavilion. Low-glare spotlights are integrated into a soffit detail around the columns that support the mirrored canopy, assisting in creating an aesthetic, which demonstrates how modernist designs can interact successfully with a historic site.

The architecture and landscape has been transformed into a market fit for the 21st century, while respecting its wonderful heritage. The lighting scheme enhances the visual impression, with details carefully conceived and designed for a blend of practicality and drama, without overstatement.

“The transformation of public space in Greenwich Market is dramatically enhanced by the careful and creative lighting design imagined by our lighting designers, Hoare Lea. Spaces come to life with light and shade, and Hoare Lea played with the heritage and contemporary details to ensure that the story can be told at all hours, and in all events,” said Jon Eaglesham, Managing Director of Barr Gazetas.