Dubai Water Canal, UAE

Dubai Water Canal, UAE

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai, UAE

Lighting Design:
CPLD, Greece

Meydan, Meraas, RTA


Main Lighting Suppliers:
Neri Illuminazione, Weef, ACDC, OSRAM

Situated between Business Bay and the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Water Canal project directly connects the Business Bay to The Golf and the Safa Park to Jumeirah Beach Park. The project was designed to address the needs of both locals and tourists aiming at the creation of an environmental infrastructure that will become an enticing attraction, namely an international marketing icon of Dubai.

CPLD created a masterplan lighting of the entire project including the lighting of the boardwalk, plazas, water taxi stations, footbridges and vehicular bridges, that sets out the night-time identity for the entire district.

In response to the clients brief for a unique, attractive and dynamic environment, our team incorporated functional lighting that is adaptive to activity and time as well as feature lighting that change dynamically. Cutting edge intelligent lighting technology has been implemented for both lighting approaches that successfully answers to various practical and high aesthetical needs.

Our lighting approach offers a cohesive backbone of integrated landscape lighting and functional light through the use of specially designed light poles along the open pedestrian routes combined with additional integrated step and handrail lighting on the edge of the boardwalk.

Power Line Communication has been used for all functional lighting ensuring real-time feedback and control of every lamp. Through the use of intelligent LED lighting matters of energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and expandability were successfully addressed.

For this project, we aimed to achieve a sophisticated dialogue between light, space and time, therefore, we designed a dynamic lighting scheme that enhances the multi-sensory experience of strolling alongside the canal and creates identity.

Our source of inspiration and main concept of the feature lighting of the project was the reflections of light in the water flowing within the canal and its connection to the lunar cycle. Main design tool towards this direction was the employment of the basic element of the movement of light through the use of pre-programmed light intensity changes of the RGBW LED segments of the vertical illuminating slot and top marker of the light pole facing the canal.

The landscape on both banks is constantly changing thanks to the transformative light reflection on the water from the bespoke DMX controlled light poles on the waterfront. Viewed from a distance, the rhythmical light pattern created by the high-tech lamp posts positioned on both edges creates a vertical projection of the footprint of the canal, thus amplifying its elegant serpentine course through the mainland of Dubai.

For the 3 footbridges connecting the two banks a more static and discrete lighting approach was preferred as we regarded these majestic architectural elements as sculptural highlights of the skyline of Dubai. White colour lighting accentuates the architectural form of the footbridges with the Y-shaped and the helical-shaped steel structures while for the illumination of the arch-shaped footbridge coloured light scenarios were also provided for special occasions.