Dowlat Building, Iran

Dowlat Building, Iran

STRUCTURES: Best Exterior Lighting Scheme – Low Budget

Dowlat Building, Iran

Tehran, Iran

Lighting Design:
Hoorshar Design, Iran

Mehraz Construction Group

Hamed Badri Ahmadi-Hanie Safari, Iran

Main Lighting Suppliers:
iGuzzini Middle East

Located in Tehran, the building is now a recognizable architectural element in Dowlat Street, a residential area of the Iran’s capital.

Featuring a unique architectural effect, the office building is characterized by an intense and sophisticated dynamic between opposite elements. Shadow and light, hardness and lightness, abstract and concrete: all these diverse dichotomies play a key role in the building’s architectural narrative and contribute to create its strong identity and powerful visual impact.

The outstanding result, visible through the building’s original texture, is also producing an unmatchable atmosphere in the inside part of the edifice with the daylight filtering through the arabesque motif. The light is the crucial element in creating such a singular effect, not only by shaping the main structure but also giving emphasize to all the different building’s weaves.

To obtain such a challenging effect, Linealuce Compact has been chosen. The iGuzzini fitting, has been installed upwards in a singular row positioned in the first floor of the building in order to craft a beautifully and highly homogenous effect.

The iconic linear fitting, designed by Jean Michel Wilmotte, is the ideal solution to bring architecture details to life, helping realizing original urban scenarios with a pleasant feeling. In its compact version, Linealuce creates a linear luminous band that is designed to light outdoor surfaces evenly. Its high efficiency optics contribute to the versatility and adaptability of the fitting which can be adapted to different contexts without having to compromise with the technical performance. Its junction box establishes a minimum distance between the product and the wall to ensure the luminaire is fitted in the optimum position for the optics.

One of main challenges faced during the scheme’s development has been the integration of such a unique architectural statement with its context, to give a feeling of uniqueness and familiarity at the same time, avoiding any visual contradiction with the surrounding elements. The fittings’ choice has successfully overcome the challenge of emphasizing the building’s identity without having to sacrifice the overall context’s consistency and visual coherence.