Color Wheels, Germany

Color Wheels, Germany

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Color Wheels

Light+Building, Frankfurt, Germany

Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Sweden; Athanassios Danilof, Greece


Lighting Suppliers:
Targetti, Duralamp

Color Wheels is a light art installation created as a perceptual instrument to investigate the experience of color and light through temporal luminous color arrangements. This piece draws its initial inspiration from the enthralling history of color research. Artists, scientists and scholars ranging from Leon Battista Alberti, Phillip Otto Runge and Johaness Itten to Isaac Newton, Hermann von Helmholtz and J.W. von Goethe have developed different theories and approaches to understand and categorize color. An emblematic form in this process has been the color wheel and its many interpretations.

Color Wheels is a triptych that generates a minimal and basic physical environment. Each section consists of six circles that are engaged in a concentric layered layout. The visual experience is stimulated by successive brightness, hue and saturation hierarchies of reflected light on each circle. The perceptual process is enabled in an attempt to investigate color harmonies and analogies as well as complementary, simultaneous and sequential color contrasts and chromatic afterimages. Visual constancy is challenged.

There are two points of investigation, a far one, from where the viewer can observe the luminous arrangements on the entire piece and a near one where she or he is adapted to the reflected light of each section of the triptych.

As we move to an era where the analogue and the digital realms merge and the static becomes dynamic we are keen on re-visiting our relationship to light and color. Color is a perception that is formed in our brain through past experience and visual information. Semantics of color explore the means by which languages communicate the visual impression in a historical and cultural context.

Our approach is the opposite. Color Wheels aim to deliver live points of perceptual exploration to each observer. Color Wheels is a project by the ongoing collaboration of Aleksandra Stratimirovic and Athanassios Danilof in the field of Light Art and Architectural Lighting Design