cinedome KITAG, Switzerland

cinedome KITAG, Switzerland

PLACES: Best Interior Lighting Scheme – High Budget

cinedome KITAG

Biel, Switzerland

Lighting Design:
Lichtvision Design, Germany

KITAG Kino-Theater

meierpartner architekten, Switzerland

Interior Design:
Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Germany

Main Lighting Suppliers:
ERCO, iGuzzini, Smarterion, Osram, Orluna, DGA, Traxon, Toscot

The Multiplex Cinedome by KITAG is located in the Tissot Arena Complex in Biel Switzerland. The interior design reflects the new corporate design by KITAG. The strong synergy of interior design, lighting and other technical requirements allows KITAG a platform not only to present movies but also become a space where people meet.

The Cinedome in Biel is an overall LED project. The light color is 3000°K in all areas. Due to the different materials and colors of the materials the lighting becomes a rhythm by its own. All luminaires can be dimmed and create a different scene setting depending on day or night time. The scene setting also allows the KITAG to create a special setting for individual client groups.

The composition of space by the elegant organic feature elements enhances the space experience. The entrance to the cinedome from retail area is a warm welcome to an elegant space. The lighting is reduced and will open the stage for the presentation of illuminated advertising boards. The floating shapes of the different ceiling features create elegant focal points and enhance the different layers within the space. The unique look creates the new lobby for outstanding premieres, corporate events, cinema evenings and family friendly cinema experience and is providing the framework for all situations.

The lighting elements create pool of lights. Service areas are lit with recessed downlight behind a stretched metal ceiling while the backlit stretched ceilings are defining the seating areas. The seating areas can be moved as a free floating element .The definition of the walls with an uplighting and the brighter lighting in the cashier areas enhances focal points. The Public Seating Area is linked to the entrance and offers a view to the Cinedome Lounge area. The Lighting is reduced in this in between space.

The visitors will experience the several layers of material space. The double height space of the main lobby is defined by the two large scale ceiling features. The hanging translucent metal is front lit by a continuous line of LED’s. Suspended minimized luminaires create the inner space.

The main lighting feature is a metal mesh curtain. The two lighting components create the transparent volume and enhance the brillance of the material. The perimeter lighting LED fittings provide the general lighting while closing the material from different view points. The suspended minimized with the unshielded LED bulbs are mounted on different heights and transform the feature into an modern chandelier. The private Lounge on the upper level allows a view to the entrance as well to the double height space. Enhancing the views the double height areas in front of the windows in the private lounge are defined as darker areas.