Casa Fuerte, Mexico

Casa Fuerte, Mexico

STRUCTURES: Best Exterior Lighting Scheme – Low Budget

Casa Fuerte

Querétaro, Mexico

Lighting Design:
Diseño en Iluminación Arquitectónica, Mexico

Ma. Esther Jimenéz

Main Lighting Suppliers:
LJ Iluminación


This more than 300-year-old masonry structure once served as a granary silo during colonial times, located in the middle of very flat agricultural lands amidst unbuilt surroundings adjoining Queretaro, one of the cities with the fastest development and growth in the midlands of Mexico, demanding exceptional and unique spaces.

The almost 9-metre tall structure had received a long and complex restoration in order to be repurposed and the new program required a versatile lighting both interior and exterior to effectively convey festive and formal environments for cultural activities and social gatherings, also to attract possible visitors on a naturally darkened nightscape on a remote location.

Lighting was conceived to add an extra layer of value to an already superb monument restoration and exquisite landscape design inspired by nature, rich in textures that elicit a subtle balance of the natural setting. The conceptual lighting explored the sunset as a dialogue between the exterior and interior of the main structure that was mainly lit by bonfires from workers. On the outside the structure facades are illuminated with all RGBs projectors controlled via DMX. Light pollution had been taken into consideration reducing the number of lighting fixtures to the optimal minimal and avoiding uplight wall gazing. Adequate optics and precise aiming was considered to avoid light spill.