Bosque En Ajusco, Mexico

Bosque En Ajusco, Mexico

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – Low Budget

Bosque en Ajusco

Mexico City, Mexico

Lighting Design:
Diseño en Iluminación Arquitectónica, Mexico

Main Lighting Suppliers:
Simes, LJ Iluminacion


On the outskirts of Mexico City on the old road to Morelos, a road climbs through forests of ash trees on a property adjacent to the ecological reservoir of San Miguel Topilejo, a sanctuary habitat for non-endemic coniferous trees such as Sequoias, Virginia Pine trees and Gingko Bilobas, amongst other species.

The darkness creeps in, even an hour before its time due to the height of these 25-metre high creatures. The thick array prevents seeing further than 50-metres in every direction. The client’s brief requested that life be brought to this magical forest at nighttime, also serving as security illumination.

A diagonal axis serves as a visual reference for a four-layer design where the first plane serves as a dark reference of the first line of trees, a second layer lit by deep regressed ground-recessed medium flood LEDs uplights that accentuate scattered branches bringing a cloud of additive texture in a higher horizontal plane, the third layer creates a vertical backdrop for RGBs. And yet a fourth layer of darkness allows contrast with the previous layers.

Controlled by a DMX system, four specific-designed scenes that are stored for determined scenarios; saturated colour washers ranging from red, rose, magenta, violet, medium blue, azure and cyan based on tertiary colour theory restrict the user to avoid illuminating using green and yellow.