Gavriil Papadiotis

Lighting Designer / Photographer

Originally trained as an electrical & computer engineer, Gavriil Papadiotis worked at the Lighting Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (Greece) while obtaining his MEng. During his final year he developed an image recognition software that facilitated automatic street and tunnel lighting measurements. This helped him build a solid technical foundation in photography and imaging in general.

Intrigued by not just the science but by the playful nature of light, he was awarded a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree at the Bartlett School of Architecture Studies in University College London. A year later he graduated with an MSc in Light & Lighting, the Electrical Safety Council & Lightmongers lighting award for “Best Exterior Lighting scheme”, and his dissertation was published at the prestigious Lighting Journal.

Gavriil has worked as an architectural lighting designer on a variety of projects around the world, ranging from award winning high-end hotels, super yachts and luxurious residential developments to restaurants, art galleries and public spaces. He has also co-founded the lighting artists group GMT Light and is an active member of the lighting design community.

Having realised the importance of creating the best record possible of one’s design work, Gavriil’s passion for photography and film have helped him over the years refine a specialised approach for capturing light and lighting schemes. He now works with lighting designers and manufacturers, architects and interior designers, offering architectural, interior and product photography and content creation services.

Gavriil’s work features regularly on online and printed lighting and architectural publications. Photographing with a designer’s mindset, he can identify the unique angles and details of a project that make a huge visual difference. His subject versatility helps him with further developing his craft, with each style of photography influencing his commercial lighting design & architectural photography work.

Examples of his work can be found on his website
You can follow him on most social media platforms using the handle @gavriiLux