“12”, Canada

“12”, Canada

ART: Best Light Art Scheme – Low Budget


Limhouse, Ontario, Canada

Lighting Design:

Additional Design:
Maksim Zinchuk (photographer); Victor Zubashev (technical support)

Lighting Suppliers:
GVA Lighting

Ontario Forest between spheres of light. Lighting installation “12” in Limehouse Conservation Area located in Ontario, Canada.

Lighting balls “12” although handmade and designed by Nargiza Usmanova seem to be born by the land itself. Each ball has 60 LEDs IP-SF of GVA Lighting that illuminated the ground in Limehouse Conservation Area in Ontario, Canada on November 1, 2015.

The “Installation 12” assembled by Nargiza in a forest reserve was completed with sheets of fabric surrounding trees and acted as light diffusers from the spheres. The woods became the stage for a play that had mystic characters like fairies and goblins. The observer was under the illusion that the balls would start moving, rotate on themselves or crawl slowly at any moment.

Furthermore, in the area chosen for the installation there was a crack in the soil and several light balls or linear STR9 RGB floodlights were set to achieve a glow effect coming out of the cracks and coloring the treetops from below.

“When I visited Limehouse Conservation Area in Ontario I was overwhelmed by the scenery which is part of unique Niagara Falls landscape … and there I had the idea of combining the spheres of light with a natural wood environment,” says Nargiza.

Materials used: 720 IP-SF LEDs, 1200 m of wire, 6000 zip ties, 6.9 m of linear STR9 RGB floodlights and 30 m of hand sewn fabric sheets material supplier: GVA Lighting